Whew. Been really busy with other stuff, but I did manage to sneak in some making progress this weekend.

Here is a picture of the soap cutter welded up with my shitty welding.
(I can't blame myself too much, the nuts were galvanized)

Welded up the cutter frame yesterday.
Today just finished sanding and smoothing down all my shitty after work.

I'll take a picture later, right now I need to shower and sleep. No time for beer.

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I know I said I wasn't going to take a picture till I was done , but I couldn't help myself.

This is about the right size and shape, and about where things are going to be laid out with approximate bolt and nut locations.
I *think* I'll have enough leverage to cut all of it, but possibly not. Won't know for sure till its all complete.

cutting steel right now, getting ready to weld a frame together to be a cutter.

Will take pictures when I'm done welding.

I was going to talk about getting good suppliers for the oils I use for making, but then I remembered that I need to make a soap cutter first.

I'll try to make 'making a soap cutter' my main focus this weekend. I might need to get a chop-saw, and I will need to do a bunch of welding. Some hole-drilling will be needed too.

Wew, done with all the stamps!
Now I need to do everything else, while looking around for a different job and working lots of overtime... all at the same time.

Life for soapone is busy.

Hey, I've been busy working on the rest of the stamps. Rainbowdash is done, Applejack is almost done being made, and pinkie pie, the last one, is done being modeled.

I'll take a picture with them all together after pinkie pie is done.

After that I need to make the soap cutter (I should have everything, just need to make it), and make just a couple more labels. Then its building a website and soap production.

@poner hey, thanks for the follow.
Looking forward to soap and pone stuff?

sorry guys, soap making progress slows down on weekdays because I'm working so much overtime.

Have a picture of soapone while waiting.

Got 's stamp done.

4 more to go: Luna, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash.
I think Luna will be next.

Got Rarity's stamp done, started the 3D print. I'll probably make Luna's stamp next

Made the stamp overnight, the other two I've had for a while.

Three done, five more to make.

Started making the for . This will be used to press into the bar of so the Celestia soap can have her butt branding.

was thinking about how to make a good soap cutter. I have a pretty good idea now, just need to get some steel and 3/8-24 bolts.

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