@NullenVoid if I make shimmer soap, should it smell like bacon?

@NullenVoid Hey, thanks for following!
Any specific reason for it? I'm just a derp that raves and foams at the mouth for soap.
Most of the time the foaming at the mouth part is from brushing my teeth with soap.

@PurpPone @Rhorse
Since both of you got the laundry soap, how has it been?

Only a couple other people got it, and one of them didn't really like it because it didn't get out the smell like they were hoping for.

@AZGchip how many different ponies do you plan on making once you get a good base pattern down?

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Made a test batch of shaving soap yesterday, this morning it was firm enough to cut. At the moment its quite soft. I hope it firms up a bit more, but if not thats fine too. The idea was to make a softer bar of soap with a different distribution of ingredients to make the lather thick and creamy. We'll see how close I get. My existing bars of soap are already pretty close to that as is, so I just changed the % of oils for this first test batch.
Should be good as a toothbrush soap too.

I just reserved a hotel room for harmonycon! Also applied to be a vendor. We'll see if I get in as a vendor and if they have a mask requirement.
If they have a mask requirement then I'll just not go to the convention and hang out with everyone and get drunk on snowpity essence.

One of the things I need to do is redesign my labels so snowpity.shop is on them.

Lots of other stuff going on, but that's all I'm willing to share for now.

making some lye-heavy for work right now. They got this shitty liquid "septic safe" soap-like substance that makes my hands feel like shit, and does not clean very well.

Going to add applejack fragrance, because everyone who did the blind-sniff test on my fragrances generally liked applejack the best (without knowing it was applejack, or even pony)

@Green @GapYoukai and @SnowLeon
Hey! I mostly just post pone soap stuff here when I get around to it. Regardless, thanks for the follow!

What do you guys like to do for a hobby?

Whew! stamped the rarity , finished getting the other orders together, didn't quite have time to print the shipping labels though. Now its sleep time so I can go back to work tomorrow for another 11.5 hours (1 hour of lunch, 0.5 for driving)

Should still be able to get the shipping labels made for the last few orders I have. Packaging is a lot of work!

Alright, rarity is poured in the mold. Bagged up all that I have for laundry soap, 6 total. Finally, stamped applejack soap that I cut yesterday (it was a bit too soft to stamp when I cut it)
I still need to donate to the horse rescue thing; I'll take a screenshot when I get to that.
later today I'll cut the rarity soap I just poured.

Oh gosh, Alumx whipped up a thing for me when I mentioned "rarity as a soap bar"

Finally finished putting the website together. The shopping cart/checkout function isn't working yet, so orders will have to be emailed, or using some other way to communicate where to send the bill and what the address the swag is being shipped to

Email soapone@horsefucker.org for the stuff wanted, I'll send out invoices

I just want to highlight
>10% of all sales during /mlp/con will go to Days End Farm Horse Rescue

I hope you have a great con!

Everyone is busy getting ready for /mlp/con

Sadly, I doubt my website will quite be ready. I'll have it set up so products and prices can be seen, but no way to order. Orders will be taken via email.

@PurpPone hey, how does my soap compare to all the other soap you've used before?
Sure I'm fishing for praise, but I am legit curious if you have used better soap and how it compares.

When I started making soap, I bought probably 8-10 different natural soaps, including one liquid soap. Some of them made local to me too.

aww... the twiggles I just made is too light of a purple :-/
Less white next time.

I was thinking of the remaining two labels I need to make for conditioning oil and my laundry soap... how does this sound:

Aloe and Lotus's Custom Conditioning Oil
Fur - Skin - Mane - Tail

Soapone's Laundry Soap

@Dattebayo horsen
welcome to the small band here.
what are some of the things you like to do for fun?

I sometimes tell other people I'm making pone just because its easier to market to. What I don't tell them is that its just as much for me (if not more so) as all you guys too.

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