sleeping with pone, never waking up.

me and derpy are very similar. we're both fucking retarded. :dashderp:

just downloaded the official mastodon app from izzysoft repo. so much nicer than tusky~

if i had a bit for every time i day dream, i would have like. ALL THE BITS!

goth pone friend found. but she won't stop trying to eat me :twiworry:

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can't wait to do more vandalizing and tagging on animal agriculture infrastructure. :twiadorable:

day dreaming in the shower, imagining myself as a great pianist and singer.

minecraft is foreign to me after the 1.18 update. i have no idea what to do and its the best feeling ever. relates to how i feel about reality. this moment is the only moment im guaranteed. so ill try and enjoy it with my tiny brain πŸ’›

two words that start with p:
πŸ’– πŸ’œ πŸ’—


Pone.Social is a Mastodon-enabled social network for bronies, pegasisters, and all the rest of you horsefucker degenerates.

As long as there are at least two of us talking about ponies, the ride will never end. 🎒