Site update, added terms for the pre-sale, not sure if they're too scary or not.
Also, you can connect your wallet and add the MARE token to your MetaMask wallet on the Ropsten network, no purchases or anything yet since the contract isn't yet deployed on Ropsten
And you can mess around with ETH amounts and how many MARE you'll get
Not much else to report, but that work alone has taken quite some time, so play around and let me know of any errors you encounter

Obviously pre-sale isn't starting today
Good news is I'm nearly done with my work on the presale contract, I need to run one more round of dev testing then to deploy it on Ropsten for more real-world testing
Sorry for the delays!

It appears there are some issues with dxsale on Ropsten. I've reached out for support, but it may end up being much easier to run my own presale.

Quick $MARE update: I was hoping to have a presale started today, but it doesn't look like I'm going to finish the Web site redesign in time.

Look for pre-sale to begin around the 15th of this month. I'll post again once I have it scheduled, hopefully this weekend. /)


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