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Now that $MARE is on Ethereum and Polygon, what's next?

πŸ” Figure out liquidity lock for Ethereum liquidity
πŸ”₯ Burn excess $MARE (more on this soon)
πŸŽ‰ Spread the good word about $MARE
πŸ”§ How to add utility to $MARE (suggestions needed)

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Also, if you haven't noticed, $MARE is at an @ $0.000058915 right now on Polygon's QuickSwap


Further out goals:
🎨 NFT Token application(s) leveraging Mare Bits
πŸ“ˆ Maybe a Mare exchange or something lol

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πŸͺ‚ Mare Drop is complete, if you signed up you should see 227.272727272727272727 $MARE deposited in your wallet on Polygon right now. If you don't see it and you signed up, let us know and we'll see if you were on the list or not.

Coming up:
✨ More robust API with `/spotPrice` function (already have `/balanceOf`, `/circulatingSupply`, and `/totalSupply`)
🌐 Web site updated to leverage new API functionality to show current price, circulating supply, market cap, etc. (no charts tho lol)

βœ”οΈ Mare Bits Locker passed the MythX analysis. Report:

All excess $MARE is locked away in this contract, will also be locking the Uniswap liquidity token here on Ethereum soon.

πŸͺ‚ MARE Drop is back up, if you filled it out before, you may need to fill it out again. Sorry, we were attacked by bots. Now with new questions to hopefully avoid the bots.

πŸͺ‚ Had to temporarily disable the MAREdrop since it appears someone's trying to bot the form
All suspect addresses will be removed and I may require some other sort of verification unfortunately
I'll publish the accepted addresses when the form relaunches so you can see if your entry was caught in the net and you can resubmit
Sorry about this

New $MARE updates:

πŸ”’ Locker contract deployed and live on Polygon
πŸ”₯ Finalizing burn details
πŸŽ‰ Keep spreading the word about $MARE
πŸ”§ Still need suggestions on adding utility
πŸͺ‚ Airdrop form is live

Now that $MARE is on Ethereum and Polygon, what's next?

πŸ” Figure out liquidity lock for Ethereum liquidity
πŸ”₯ Burn excess $MARE (more on this soon)
πŸŽ‰ Spread the good word about $MARE
πŸ”§ How to add utility to $MARE (suggestions needed)

The initial supply of $MARE tokens earmarked for Polygon have been transferred, will be providing liquidity on Quickswap soon!

At that time, I'll be updating the site to provide instructions on how to buy $MARE on Polygon.

ETH launch soon, too!

Finally got most of the bugs worked out, the MarebitsLocker compiles and is no longer too big.

Now to test it...

Source code:

Got the Mare Bits Locker contract to compile which was fun. Now I have to completely redesign it so it's not too large, it needs to lose 8kib

It'll also work with ERC1155 tokens now

I'll have the source on GitHub soon

I'm writing an ERC721 locker contract for my liquidity tokens and maybe some of the 10% $MARE I'm holding back.

Most third party lockers charge fees and that just seems kinda shitty to me. Mine will be publicly available to others and will lock ERC20 and ERC721 tokens.

It'll be available on Ethereum and Polygon for now.
And I don't plan to write a web UI, web3 is so cancer to develop lol

Released a new version of the site, stripping out pre-sale stuff. Check it out:

I need to do some IRL stuff this weekend, and gas prices are still too damned high, but I'm hoping to soon have the liquidity locked on the major exchanges. :TWIBUTWITHGLOWINGEYES:

Thanks to $ENS airdrop, $MARE has enough excess $ETH to fund our liquidity pool!

Waiting for gas prices to become slightly more reasonable, but release of $MARE is now very imminent.

Mare Bits is already based on upgradeable contracts, so we'll hopefully never have a confusing migration. Ever.

Had some setbacks that took up a lot of time, will be getting back into finishing presale site soon.

Site update, added terms for the pre-sale, not sure if they're too scary or not.
Also, you can connect your wallet and add the MARE token to your MetaMask wallet on the Ropsten network, no purchases or anything yet since the contract isn't yet deployed on Ropsten
And you can mess around with ETH amounts and how many MARE you'll get
Not much else to report, but that work alone has taken quite some time, so play around and let me know of any errors you encounter

Obviously pre-sale isn't starting today
Good news is I'm nearly done with my work on the presale contract, I need to run one more round of dev testing then to deploy it on Ropsten for more real-world testing
Sorry for the delays!

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