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I haven't said anything about it yet, but hey you guys should contribute to the next /mlp/ dubs if you haven't already:

It took using a super old copy of Final Draft on a Mac from 2009, but I opened one of the .fdr files and found Mom's first draft of the pilot. Enjoy:

Thanks @japanon

>when you afraid of spiders but some slut sits down next to you on the train with spiders

I made a cute gif of Twi laughing. I loved this dress she wore, one of the best parts of the ep. What a qt!

how about these pony leaks? pretty juicy stuff. thinking i could totally go through episode by episode and review the new shit in a video series.

>when the pony anniversary stream plays 4 hours of EqG shit

what kind of sick fuck would spend so much time on these disgusting human panties and completely ignore the pony butt and the pony hoofsies. like wtb? Not even a tail dock!

New office smells like dirty aquarium water. And I can look at the top of a roller coaster all day.

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