Well @PonyTube 's backend has been replaced with s3. Looking into migrating to a different instance type to speed up transcoding. It'll take some work though.

and now pone.social is upgraded to 3.1.1, yay. it was a bit bumpy, but i doubt anyone noticed :deal:

just upgraded @PonyTube to 2.1.0, everything's working well. Going to move back to s3 as the storage backend since they no longer use the actual storage directory to cache transcoding jobs. should save me some money

Just got my newest plush from WhiteLightPlushPones. Had to stuff it myself, but it looks super comfy.

It even has a hidden zipper :twiplot:

lol i'm gonna have to upgrade pony.tube or figure out some other way to keep from having system loads over 4.0 when a bunch of people are uploading and transcoding videos.

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