Besides helping to start a nonprofit (which i hope to be able to talk about soon), i really want to find the time/motivation to rewrite

@corpubro woah, nonprofit sounds interesting. And is an extremely useful tool, but I'm sure you're already well aware of how much it gets used, lol. Is there a lot that you want to improve? or do you just want to make it more efficient/stable?

@PurpPone nonprofit is interesting and pony related, but mum's the word for now's stability's improved a lot recently imo
But yeah, i want to move it off the php backend, remove the reliance on Amazon (if I can), hopefully decentralize storage with ipfs or something similar, and add frequently requested features (ability to see some of your upload history, pasting to upload support, maybe being able to delete or edit your uploads, etc.), hell maybe optional even public uploads

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