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Actively working on $MARE, aka Mare Bits, aka @mare
Presale maybe about 2 weeks out, going to test that in test env first, there are a lot of moving parts lol
Also, web site in design rn
Any suggestions?

What's a good pone shitcoin name? Feel free to suggest something else.

Wanna pull the initial trigger soon.

Oh also, there's an online con being organized by /mlp/, wonder how much of a shit show it'll be this time

Twibooru is still importing some images we missed before implementing the regular derpi imports, so image processing has slowed a bit. Sorry :twinotsad:

I should post here more often? :twithink:
Should definitely add more Twi emotes.
I'm on matrix now

That was relatively painless, the new server for is back up and everything appears normal.

There may be some hidden bugs, so if you have any problems, please let me know.

Oh, if you are still seeing the error message I put up and you're using Chrome, it's because they cache DNS lookups. Go to chrome://net-internals/#dns and click "Clear Host Cache" to clear it.

Pony.Tube's going down tonight, hope to have it up again in the next 24 hours at the new server, but no guarantees.

Fingers crossed.

Have the new server configured about how I want it and ready to begin migrating over.

There will likely be some extensive downtime for this weekend.

Just completed a long overdue upgrade of to Mastodon v3.3.0.
We're now completely up-to-date.
All ready for the server move.

Initial sync of videos off of S3 is complete, now just waiting for the new dedicated server to be ready. According to my order, that should be by end of day today, so fingers crossed :hoofscrossed:

Currently I am performing a sync from the videos stored on S3 to a local drive on my EC2 instance, this may cause some slowness in UI performance for both and over the next few days.

Once the new server is available (soon™️), I'll begin setting up an instance of there.

Once that's up, I'll be shutting down and beginning the transfer. This may take a while and includes a database, video files, config, and even DNS transfer.

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