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Trotcon 2021 proved once more that anons can have fun in spite of jannies and trannies :twiselfboop:

/mlp/ con starts tomorrow, I'm already exhausted :sleepytwi:

Done for the Fun Size 3 artpack. A shame it's done. I liked getting to draw fun reaction images with other artists. I really appreciate how Wenni ran these over the years.

Hi res:

Actively working on $MARE, aka Mare Bits, aka @mare
Presale maybe about 2 weeks out, going to test that in test env first, there are a lot of moving parts lol
Also, web site in design rn
Any suggestions?

What's a good pone shitcoin name? Feel free to suggest something else.

Wanna pull the initial trigger soon.

Oh also, there's an online con being organized by /mlp/, wonder how much of a shit show it'll be this time

Twibooru is still importing some images we missed before implementing the regular derpi imports, so image processing has slowed a bit. Sorry :twinotsad:

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