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With hosting costs getting near $500, I finally broke down and made a Patreon for Pony.Tube.
The costs seem to keep going up, and if it remains at this level I simply won't be able to afford it much longer.
I really don't want that to happen, I love how this site has become a place where people can share horse videos and not worry about them being taken down for no reason.

Annnnd is now on Mastodon 3.1.3.

It's a bit overdue, but just upgraded to PeerTube 2.1.1

also, was experiencing some temporary storage issues, should be corrected for now.

Temporarily suspended new accounts on due to an influx of apparently spam bots. lmk if you need a new account.

Well @PonyTube 's backend has been replaced with s3. Looking into migrating to a different instance type to speed up transcoding. It'll take some work though.

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Pone.Social is a Mastodon-enabled social network for bronies, pegasisters, and all the rest of you horsefucker degenerates.

As long as there are at least two of us talking about ponies, the ride will never end. 🎢