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In the past I use to think Elon Musk was pretty cool, I mean he made most of his money with internet stuff and setup a space company from the ground up..! Things I would also love to do..

But seeing what he has become the past years.. He has just become one big disappointment. I thought he was more "nerd-like" and kind to people but he really is just an ass :sad_cat:​ Not even arms or legs..

No all fun aside, personally I find it very sad to see such a big platform as Twitter just gets manipulated into being bought by a silly man who has way to much money.. We are small but I like to think this platform is all of ours and we all have a saying in it even though I mostly pay the bill. A social network isn't fun with a weird captain like Elon Musket or Mark Zukc-a-berg :blobderp:


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