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My brothers in Christ, there is a draw Twinkleshine thread up. She's a cute mare.

>Just here in case 4chan gets shoah'd
kekked and welcome.

Still doing those mare draws. Been too lazy to upload since /mlp/con. I'll get to it soon. Don't often shill non-horse related stuff (though I'll still draw it if it comes) A draw pal of mine needs surgery for his dog so we're doing a charity thing.

Ohh yeah, I never gave a proper report on the soap so far. Love all of them and for a little bit, Twi and RD soap were tied for my favorite. I think I'm leaning towards RD now. The scent of her soap reminds me of a nice cool yet humid rainy day and it makes a great soap scent.

Found out a neat thing with Gumroad. They disallow you to upload more than 250mb per project, but if you make it $1 with a 100% discount, it gets past that limitation.

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streaming and working together is fun

Next stream will be Tuesday at 8pm EDT, it'll be a drawing workshop with the one and only @Rhorse

join for free mares

2 paintings for 2 bets lost in 2 different situations with 2 different artists. Hopefully the lesson sticks.
Here's the pictures and slides from my panel. Thanks for hopping in my stream over the week to make sure I'm on task, I really appreciate it. Here's the recording if you missed it. might stream here a couple times this week, just to stay focused. Will contain spoilers for my panel during /mlp/con.

Bonus horse fact while I'm researching, is that saddles aren't just for makeing riding easier for humans. It distributes weight evenly on the horse's back. It goes hand in hand with padding that often drapes out from undernieth so it doesn't agitate the direction of the fur. It's not much of a stretch for ponies to have dresses with decorative saddles as a fasion/tool for carrying heavy objects around without a cart. Work saddles would still be used where there's bad terrain and shit roads too.

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From now until /mlp/con I'll be working on my panel.

The jist of it. is an expansion of the first in some areas. Going more over the complexity of horse eyes and general horse physiology. Then a more in depth overview of horse mating rituals to foaling to raising a foal and how horses play and develop socially from foalhood and upwards.

If time allows, I'm also going to cover objects and structures in a horse society a little more. Maybe even make a small contest out of it.

Never got to post this anywhere. Got a commission from JargonScott as a self birthday present. Lyra with her wintercoat.

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