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Can finally post the stuff we did for the Winter Wrap Pack. Donations are still good for another day or so. So get those troubled horses some good 'ol carrots.
High res:

Did this to fulfil a request on a 2011 horse video.

Some more Mullins stuff. I want to paint nicer edges on that pretty mint mare.

Having trouble with another horse project thing so I'm going back to Mullins studies for a little bit.

/mlp/'s Winter Wrap Pack is still up. Another artpack for charity. All money goes to Days End Farm Horse Rescue.

Yep. Honestly I'm at a loss for how I'm going to do it. But It's likely only going to be an hour long and I can probably figure something out.

Doing some general animal studies with some mates.

Been making a collage of aggie draws. It has a lot of pretty green amres.

Done for the Fun Size 3 artpack. A shame it's done. I liked getting to draw fun reaction images with other artists. I really appreciate how Wenni ran these over the years.

Hi res:


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