thread filled up and I have some time, so...

/bale/ thread #14 review in one hour! 7pm EDT!

unfortunately, the /bale/ stream for tonight is cancelled. Sorry about that. I want to try to do one last thread review stream in the next two days before the hiatus starts. and then the /bale/ shack will be on hiatus until the week of the 22nd

I made a feedback form to try to find ways to improve the streams. If you've made it to any, please fill it out if you get the chance!

August 3rd is a Lyra day now, in case you didn't know

Art helpline workshop stream with Batsy starting in about 20 minutes!

Got stuck in traffic, hopefully I'll make it in time for the stream today, but it'll be close

Come learn music and recording stuff with soundguy in about an hour, same place as usual!

/bale/ writing workshop today at 4pm EDT, about an hour and a half from now. The writers leading it have some great things planned, come give it a shot, even if writing isn't your forte. Odds are you'll do better than me lol

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4chan is down. Uhh, where do we go now?

going live at the top of the hour (about 40 minutes) with a /bale/ thread review. Just going though everything that was posted this last thread and giving some feedback and headpats

at 8pm Eastern we'll be going live again with another OJ shorthand workshop

hope to see ya there :twisecret:

made some doodles with @Rhorse 's mare brush pack, I'm really happy with how the Twilight came out

going live with a chill hangout stream, no lessons or workshops or anything today, just working on individual projects, chatting, and listening to some pony tunes

come join us!

Hey @Rhorse (and I think @NeccAnon too), I just got a thing of steel rolled oats, could you share some of your oat shake recipes again?

Also, any tips for how to keep my oats from getting stolen? :numget:

big day for the /bale/ shack

TWO workshops today with TWO awesome artists

first off, at 4pm EDT we have AnonTheAnon teaching about backgrounds
then, at 8pm EDT, OJ is back to guide us through some more shorthand practice

Come hang out and draw!

pizza pocket purple horse still life
could be better, but that's just part of the process

That's all I've got for now. Expect a lot more pictures once I get my LS Twilight. I have half a mind to take her to the library and do a similar photoshoot with a ton of books

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